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WnLogs fournit un système d'analyse du trafic réseau utilisé pour la surveillance active, la visualisation et le reporting des incidents réseau et de sécurité. Le système fournit rapidement les données légales nécessaires pour assurer une réponse rapide et efficace aux incidents.

Des milliers d'entreprises font confiance aux solutions WnLogs pour assurer le bon fonctionnement de leur infrastructure informatique.

We are an international acknowledged management consulting firm that provides localized solutions in partnership with our clients. Our aim is to enhance corporate competency and performance through result-based solutions to match clients’ individual requirements.

James R. Bernard is famous for his unique style of paintings that comprises elements of contemporary and abstract art as well as photography and computer graphics. This approach allows him to transfer images of the surrounding world into canvas preserving the original idea of the author. In one of his latest interviews, James said that the atmosphere of sunny weather and friendly people had always attracted him and had been a great source of inspiration for a lot of his widely known artworks, it was not a surprise that the exhibition of his school's artworks would take place in this great city.

Recent years have showed a great rise of Bernard's paintings popularity among young people and businessmen. "It is not a coincidence", says Jessica McMillan, James Bernard's manager. "Today people want to experience a wide range of emotions when they look at the painting of an artist. James knows what modern lovers of art need, and he expresses it through his innovative and captivating artworks."